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Custom Raised Garden Beds

Our team consists of not only plant lovers and experts but skilled woodworkers and makers. Every space is different and we know that, so we build a garden just for YOU!

Seasonal Planting

We want to plant what you eat. Like we’ve said a million times, all gardens are unique! We go over what vegetables and fruit you enjoy eating and help you understand what season those vegetables are planted. Also, if you're interested in new veggies and varieties, we got you. 


The key to a happy garden is consistent watering. We know you think you might water your garden every day but sometimes things come up! We recommend installing an irrigation system in your garden to ensure that your veggies grow strong and happy.

Upkeep, Care, and Harvest

Sure, now you have a garden but what’s next! Well, we’re here to help! We offer and recommend weekly, monthly or seasonal check-ins. We also want to make sure you are eating from your garden. So, if life gets too busy we would be happy to come and harvest your veggies for you and leave them at your doorstep.

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