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Have you ever seen broccoli grow? I hadn’t until 5 years ago when I planted my first broccoli seed. The experience of watching that seed grow into broccoli, a vegetable I’d previously only seen packaged, priced, and sold is why I’m here and why Down to Farm exists.


Growing your own food can change your life, it changed mine. There is no better feeling than growing the food you eat, seeing how much time and energy it takes for vegetables to grow makes you appreciate food on a whole other level. 


Down to farm was not only created based on our love for urban farming but for our love of helping people. We believe that no matter what space you have there is a way to grow something, even if it’s basil in a windowsill.


We want to make growing food fun, not overwhelming.

We want to make your garden bed a happy place, not a chore.


But most importantly, we want to make growing food part of your life.

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